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It's that time of year again!

Band Season officially begins on Columbus, OH tonight! The first Ohio State summer sessions are tonight at 7pm. Practices are held every Tuesday and Thursday through the end of August.

I can't wait to see some of the Big Ten bands in the Horseshoe this year, I hear quite a few are making the trek to Columbus! Hope to see some of you in the fall.
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I believe that the Hundred will be visitng in earily October. We visited my freshman year (4 years ago now) and I had a blast.

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Ugh, "better" for you guys maybe...
You have summer practice? That sucks! What about people who live out of state? Anyways, enjoy the season. I miss marching. *sigh* And Purdue probably won't even be on TV out here in Colorado this year.
It's just something that the band members started a while ago to get back into shape for the season. We don't have a band camp, so everyone who makes the band is expected to know the marching style and be able to perform three days later. Summer Sessions are not mandatory, but they help get people back into shape and teach the new students in preparation for try-outs.
People who live out of state come when they of the members of my rookie class drove from Michigan every Tuesday/Thursday during the summer! I'm pretty sure he made the drive for 2 or 3 years before finally making it in 2003. some people are just crazy...but it paid off in the end!
Is anyone coming to iowa this year?
Ohio State's not, but I think that might be our Sports Club trip (band members taking a bus together and going to the game). It's hard to tell when the trip will be though with this new busy season we don't really have a free weekend.