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No post-game concert?

A general question for all of the community - if you have the option to be able to do a post-game show on an away trip, should you? Assuming that there is no danger to your life or possibility of damage to you or your instruments, of course.

A the football game yesterday, after the game had finished, the Ohio State University Marching Band played a short victory fanfare for their fans, then formed up into their ranks and left the stadium as the Michigan Marching Band was preparing to do their post-game show. I assume the option to do a post-game show with the Michigan band had been extended to the Ohio State University Band, but it was not accepted. I know there is at least one person in the Ohio State Marching Band in this community, and I would like an explanation as to why the band decided not to do a post-game concert with the Michigan Marching Band. I can understand if there were pressing needs, but the way things looked from my perspective is that the OSU band was only interested in celebrating the victory and then leaving. That, in my opinion, made the OSU band look like they lacked class, even if no disrespect was intended.

Admittedly, I have no idea how I would feel if the game had gone the other way, but it still would have been nice to have a post-game show from the OSU band.

If the post is off the topic, apologies. This felt like one of the few avenues I had to ask about what happened.
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